Master Boudoir Makeover

March 11, 2010

I really wish I had some before's for this room. Imagine a pastel pink and green brush stroke border, beige walls, black and large pink and green flowers and folliage on the matching curtains and bed spread. Over time I have done a bit of work to make this room my own. First I got a new bedspread, then I rearranged the room, added a chair, and have gone through 2 set of crap-tastic window dressings. But after a couple weekends I can happily say that I am done making this room my own.



Blue Outdoor Furniture

May 2009

I had an old run-of-the-mill white metal outdoor table and chairs. With a little bit of paint and a vintage table cloth and left over foam from other projects, it's not so run-of-the-mill any longer. This project cost me under $10, and that was for the 3 cans of blue paint. The tie downs, came tied the rug in the office when I bought it. Way to reuse!

Blue outdoor Metal table Vintage table cloth coushins

Curb Appeal

May 2009

I painted the front door and xeriscaped the front flowerbed.



New Dinning Room Lamp

June 2009

Using Ready-Made's instructions for their Bubble Chandelier I made a Bubble Pendent Light for my Dining Room.

Brandon assisted in the macrame since he is much better at macreme than I am. I am very pleased with the results. Soon it will be time to take care of those Peptobismal valeances. I will keep you updated.

Dining Room Chairs

One evening I decided to re-upholster my dinning room chairs. For any person who wants to start upholstery this is of of the easies projects to begin with. There is no sewing involved. All you need to do if your chair has adequate padding to begin with is a screw driver, to remove the seat, sissors to cut the fabric to size, and a staple gun and staples to attach your new fabric and VOLIA!

I chose a goreous gold fabric, from Surplus City, that was easy to clean since these chairs have a high probablity of something being spilled on them.

Pararoll Puppet

October 2009

I have a friend, Al, who write the online comic A character in his comic, is a gremlin named Welsh. It has always been a fantasy of mine to make a puppet, but I never had a specifc charater to make one for. Fourtunatly Al gave asked if I would make him a Welsh puppet, here are the results.

Al and Welsh Puppet Welsh Pararoll Puppet Hands

Above is Al with his Welsch puppet, and I was really impressed with my sulpty bead claws that I made for Welsh


Domestic Design and Improvement Endevors


Since January I have been working on sprucing up the Old Kentucky Home

Check out this couch after I upholstered it


Then see my colorful kitchen


Finally look at the transformation to from this mess to my office / craft room

Office After

Etsy Store

I have started selling some size 7 vintage shoes on and occasionally vintage fabulous fashion Etsy Visit my Store


Stop Motion White-Board

13-2-2007 Snow Day!
Today school was canceled. Thus the only resonable thing to do was to break out the digital camera and create stop motion animations. Check 'em out. (Won't Play? Download VLC Player)

Canal Project

Canal ProjectHere is a project I completed on for my General Biology 2 Class at Frostburg State University. I am walked a portion of the C&O Canal every week documenting the changes from winter to spring. (I recived and A for this project)

Locks of Love

July 31, 2006

I have never had a drastic hair cut in my entire life! Lately I have been pulling my hair up, and it is getting a little unmanageable. I figure someone can put this hair to better use than I am. So I went to Absoultly U and had my hair cut by Tracey, I have known her for a long time, I knew that she would give me a cute hair cut. Now I have donated 11 inches of hair to Locks of Love. I have printed out the PDF donation form, and place my clean, dry, secured hair in a padded envelope and I have mailed it to Locks of Love, (address) The postage on July 31, 2006 was 2.51, for my 5.6oz of hair and envelope. I feel good about my donation, I sure hope it can help the children with cancer, that can't afford wigs.

Here are my before and after pictures

after locks of loveafter locks of lovebefore locks of lovebeofe locks of love


Cool notebooks on the cheap
All you need

notebook ( I recomend a spiral notebook, rather than a glued notebook*)
wide clear packaging tape
colored paper (construction paper would work but they have some cool color paper for scrapbooks)
try some:
velum (transparent paper)
cool pictures cut from magiznes
get creative!

make a base page- pick a cool color piece of paper, bigger of the same size as your notebook cover
lay it under the cover
trace the cover
cut the piece of paper so it is the same size as the cover of the notebook
now cut out peices of paper and lay them on your base paper
(have fun with this part)
find a clean space in your work area (this is where you use the tape, you dont want hair, dirt, or scaps of paper on your lamination)
now take your packing tape and cut of a 4 inches strip longer than your notebook, it does not have to be exact just so there is extra
place it sticky side up on your work area
now repeat cutting a strip of tape the same size as the last
place this new strip so it overlapps 1/2'' 1/4'' the other peice of tape
your want to make "lamination" for your notebook
now that you have a very large peice of tape
place the large peice of tape starting near the spirals on your arranged peces of paper that your designed
stick it smoothly to the desing (you will probably have wrinkles)
the tape that over hangs fold under to the cover of the notebook
take the handle of siccors or somthing flat to smooth down bubles and the tape to the paper
ta-da you now have as snazzy notebook, with a folder in the cover of the notebook!

Enjoy.. if you have any comment, pictures, or suggestions contact me!* If you do use a glued notebook, take a cordless drill and drill holes in the notebook and secure it with ring clasps (like you use to secure flash cards) You will thank me later when your glued notebook doesnt fall apart.

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